How to use Your Stag Party to Raise Money for you

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Published: 03rd November 2009
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Let's face it. Weddings are expensive. You and your wife-to-be may be running short of money and are therefore in need of some financial assistance. A stag party can be a necessary event, not just for you as the groom to enjoy your last night of freedom but also for your boys to help raise money for you and your wife-to-be. For this, you may decide to combine the stag night with the hen night or you may hold them as separate events. It is entirely up to the bride and the groom to decide if they wish to combine their events or hold them separately.

There are many stag party ideas in Ireland and all of them serve different purposes. If your stag party is supposed to be a fund raising event, you can choose to sell the invited guests some stag party tickets instead of sending them invitation cards. Come up with incentives such as the possibility of winning a door prize if one purchases the ticket. The price of the tickets can vary depending on how you wish the event to be.

To make ticket sales easier, you can recruit several members of the stag group to be assist in selling them. For the party itself, you can try to get people to donate several things which you will need for the party. This will help you to cut costs and save the money which would otherwise have gone into planning the party. Remember that the better the party, the more the amount of money you will make through ticket sales. Therefore, try as much as you can to make the party as much fun as possible.

Games add fun to the stag party and can also be used as a means of raising money. You can choose a great theme for the party to attract people to the event. Each theme has several games associated with it. Mostly, people will go for a casino theme and play casino games at their stag parties as such games are usually played using money. Remember that since the stag party is being held primarily to raise money, it is advisable to cut costs as much as possible. You do not, for instance, have to take the stag party to another city. Hire a hall instead or even rent a tent. Holding the event closer home not only cuts traveling costs but will also ensure that many people attend.

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